Beinn Alba

Beinn Alba

Beinn Alba CoverBeinn Alba is my first solo album since 2009.  It is the coming together of two personal schools of thought.  Firstly, in the years since my last recording I have added many songs to my reportiore and some of these have become the most requested at my gigs, yet they don’t feature on any of my other albums, so I felt it right that they appear on here. Secondly, over the past few years I have began to write quite a lot of original material, so this is my first solo recording to include some of my own songs.  I hope you enjoy the result of the two ‘thoughts’.

£12 including Postage.

Davy Holt – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin

Tony Davis – Piano, Organ, Bass
Archie McAllister – Fiddle
Stuart MacKintosh – Accordian
Ady Harper – Electric Guitar
Callum Wallace – Drums
Simona Orru – Backing Vocals

Track Listing:

1. Beinn Alba
2. 1967
3. Scarborough Settler’s Lament
4. Crooked Jack
5. Skyscraper Wean
6. Green Fields of France
7. MacPherson’s Rant
8. Take me to the River
9. Sam the Skull
10. Kishorn Commando’s
11. Hero o’ Your Time